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    John McJunkin on Mackie DL32R

    Posted by on 30 March 2015


    John McJunkin on Mackie DL32R A 32-channel wireless digital live sound mixer controlled exclusively by an iPad  TAKE AWAY Mackie DL32R represents two things: potent digital mixing and a paradigm shift in the way we control things. If it were only one or the other, it would be well worth its retail price. But since it is indeed both, I would submit that it is an extraordinary value, and it will incite Mackie’s competitors to try to out-do them, which in turn will give us even more great stuff ...

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    21 Years of York Street Studios

    Posted by NZ Rockshop on 15 January 2014

    GateFold 0613 web blogs

    21 years of york street studios Studio Manager Jeremy McPike reflects on the musical legacy of New Zealand’s premier recording studio. “If you add up the total number of record sales for albums recorded at York Street, it’s in excess of 5 million albums, which is pretty huge for a small town recording studio”.  What’s huge is the number of bands and artists that make up this statistic, which reveals the important part that York Street Studios has played in the making of music in New Zealand in ...

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    Lighting DMX Control Explained

    Posted by Rockshop on 4 July 2013


    LIGHTING DMX CONTROL GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR LIGHTING SETUP DMX is a networking protocol that enables any universal DMX controller to control the features of one or multiple DMX compatible products, whether they be LED PAR cans, wash lights, moving heads, followspots, foggers, effect lights etc. DMX-compatible products are connected to the DMX controller using DMX cables in a series connection between the DMX controller and the various DMX compatible products, (also known as a daisy chain)...

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    Digital Dividend for Wireless Microphone Systems

    Posted by Rockshop on 3 July 2013

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    Senn DD Ready

    DIGITAL DIVIDEND BY JAMES WALDRON James Waldron is the product manager for Sennheiser Professional products at Syntec in Australia and New Zealand. He talks here about Digital Dividend and why it matters to wireless microphone users. We all know that Wireless Microphones and In Ear Monitor (IEM) systems use radio waves to transmit the sound wirelessly. You probably also realise that there is a range of frequencies licenced by the New Zealand Government for us to use these systems, so that we do...

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    The Stories Behind the Icons

    Posted by on 3 July 2013

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    The Stories Behind the Icons Pioneers, inventors and innovators whose names are now etched in musical history... There are certain instruments which have started musical revolutions and defined the way music sounds.  Over the years they have not only become industry standard but have achieved iconic status through the impact they have made on music.   When the electric guitar and amplification entered the musical landscape, it was a game changer, bringing a paradigm shift in how music sounded. L...

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    Pro Vocals Books

    Posted by Rachel on 24 September 2011


    It’s been an absolute age since my last (and first) blog!!  And I’d originally planned to make them a regular occurrence!! So my theory this time is to keep it very short and sweet! Hopefully that will mean write more of them more often!! Print Music caters well to guitarists and pianists, but a question I get asked fairly regularly is, what’s available if you’re a vocalist, especially in regards to backing tracks (or karaoke style discs)? The main series we stock, and probably the most popular...

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    An Intro To Lighting

    Posted by on 12 August 2011



    :: An Intro to Lighting :: Once you have yourself a band or DJ setup, a PA, a setlist and some gigs – the next thing you might want to think about is some lighting. Even if you play at a variety of venues that already have lighting, there’s always going to be some new venue or some private function where you turn up and there’s only fluorescent lights with one switch. All on, or all off. The great thing about lighting is that so much of it is ‘plug n play’ these days that you don’t need a lig...

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    Print Music

    Posted by on 18 December 2009

    Rachel's Print Music Blog Welcome to my first print music blog … My name is Rachel and I’m the Print Music Product Manager for NZ Rockshops. I have been working for the Rockshop for over 10 years and I admit it: I love books – and you know what the best thing is….. you can get more and more cool stuff in print now! Basically anything and everything you can imagine is available in print… and for someone who can’t play by ear this is brilliant!! My aim is to make sure I can find even the most o...

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    Brass / Woodwind

    Posted by on 21 October 2009

    :: Jupiter Brass/Woodwind :: When one of the company directors asked for my input in establishing the Rockshop as a respected supplier of brass and woodwind, I said ‘Sure. What brand are we going to be doing?’ The reply was ‘Jupiter’; I’ve been playing in and conducting brass bands for 28 years and know that any serious brass and woodwind player will tell you that Jupiter is an entry level product. When I discovered the Jupiter catalogue, my perception and enthusiasm changed instantly. I had ...