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Deryn Trainer on the Roland Jupiter-50 Synth

Posted by on 18 September 2013


Jupiter 50 smallv2

Deryn Trainer

on the Jupiter-50 Synthesiser

A professional pianist and music director for more than 20 years, Deryn has worked with some of the biggest and best entertainers from around the world and in New Zealand, including Kamahl, Sir Howard Morrison, Russell Watson, among others. Deryn was the winner of NZ’s ‘Stars intheir Eyes’ as the pianoman, Billy Joel.

What was immediately useful on the Jupiter-50?

For me it was the layout of the keyboard. Everything is where you would expect it to be. 

How did you find the key-bed? Is it responsive enough for a
typical gig?

I have found the key-bed on the JP-50 to be light and very responsive.
No chance of worsening your RSI with this action! I especially like the touch sensitivity on different sounds – the best example of this is the acoustic/flamenco guitars. Being able to realistically recreate a strumming action and note-bending without using the pitch bender – just the way you play the note. (It’s a real pleasure to play ‘Hotel California’ without the need for a guitarist - only keyboard players will understand this.) The same applies to the acoustic/electric bass sounds which have string and fret noise embedded in them depending on the pressure applied to the key-bed. 

Does the main tone selections on board the JP-50 suit the music genres you play?

Yes! It’s all there. The main sounds I look for are good Pianos, EPs, Organs, Strings and Brass. The SuperNATURAL acoustic tones have an amazing sound and authenticity to them and they are all there at the touch of a button. Even easier to layer or save in the Live Sets memory for quick and easy recall when on stage. I really like the older Roland synth sounds, which are all there too. Great pads and leads that are faithful to the vintage analogue synths.

Is the layout of the keyboard easy and user-friendly to negotiate when playing live?

Make no bones about it, Roland got this exactly right. The JP-50 is an incredibly user-friendly board. Within 90-120 seconds of turning this beasty on, I had all I needed to perform a live gig using it as a main keyboard as a soloist, or 2nd keyboard in a 2-tier rig for a band gig. I work a lot with drummer and fellow Roland endorsee Patrick Khutze. Within that 2-minute time period having never seen the JP-50 before, I had sorted my sounds, split the keyboard to play Bass with my left hand and we were playing live at an Expo. I was amazed at how easy it was.

deryntrainerDeryn Trainer

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