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Gibson & Marshall Celebrate 50 Years of Loud

Posted by on 16 September 2013



50 years of loud

50th anniversary gibson les paul goldtop
& marshall bluesbreaker combo

The year was 1962, the Beatles made their  TV debut and K-Mart hit the department store scene, but more importantly, Jim Marshall gave birth to the most iconic Guitar Amplifier brand ever. Now 50 years on, it is perfectly clear to see that Marshall Amplifiers would go on to help shape modern Rock’n’Roll music as we know it. Jim Marshalls very first Amp - built due to popular demand from the local musicians who frequented his small London Drum shop - was the now legendary JTM-45. It was simply 45 Watts of pure raw Valve power, and it had a distinctive sound that the innovative guitarists of that era had been searching for. 

Legend has it, in the mid 60s a young aspiring Blues Rock guitarist by the name of Eric Clapton requested an amp from Jim that would fit in the boot of his car yet still be powerful enough to use on stage. Eric was already using an equally important development in Rock history - and what would become the most iconic guitar of all time, the Gibson ‘Les Paul’. The ‘Les Paul’ had quickly established itself throughout the 50s in the Blues and Jazz scene for its ease of play, warm powerful tone, and seemingly magical sustain. These original 1950s Gibson Les Pauls - in particular the famous 1957 Goldtop - are still considered to be some of the most valuable and sought after guitars of all time and were the guitar of choice for many aspiring players leading the charge in the new and exciting era of music during the early 1960s.

Upon Eric’s suggestion, Jim set to work once again and it must have been fate that the ‘Marshall 1962’ combo amp was born. Once combined with Clapton’s much loved Gibson Les Paul, his new 1962 Combo Amp grunted a throaty growl that defined the ‘Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton’ recording sessions - an iconic album that revolutionized the sound of Blues and Rock, and aptly furnished the Marshall 1962 Combo Amp with the more widely known ‘Bluesbreaker’ nickname. 

The 1962 Bluesbreaker Combo quickly became ‘the definitive Rock Amplifier’, arguably the most important model in Jim Marshall’s legacy, and one of the most valuable and collectable amplifiers of all time. 

To celebrate 50 Years of the most influential marriage of guitar and amplifier in the history of rock, Gibson Custom shop and Marshall Amplification are proud to introduce the very Limited Edition 50th Anniversary ‘matched set’ of a special “Marshall Edition” Les Paul 57 Custom Goldtop (factory hand aged by the legendary Tom Murphy) and 1962LE Bluesbreaker 2X12 combo! Only fifty sets have been made worldwide, and these are strictly available only through a very select network of distributors. With special commemorative details and accessories, this very limited set a must for any true collector.

With the look and feel of a rare original 1957 Les Paul fully assured, Gibson goes all out to give the 50th Anniversary of Marshall Les Paul Goldtop the tone and performance of a prized vintage guitar. From select tonewoods, to PAF-style pickups, to trim details and playing feel, this custom Les Paul Goldtop faithfully captures the most desirable vintage Les Paul of all time making it the perfect partner to Marshall’s Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Bluesbreaker.  This 1962LE Amp replica, reproduced with Aluminium chassis, 2 X Alnico T.652 speakers, hand wired Tag Board, rare pinstripe fret cloth and 2 X KT66 power tubes is simply the ultimate in tone for any lover of Blues or Rock guitar. 

The NZ Rockshop are extremely proud to bring to you the matched set Serial Number 3. It will likely be the most sought after Guitar and Amp set that New Zealand has ever seen, and embraces a true slice of commemorative history. For expressions of interest, contact us at