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The Salesman

Posted by on 10 January 2014


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Originally created in the ‘50s and ‘60s for Ludwig’s travelling road reps, the ‘Salesman Sparkle’ kit is very rare and collectible for vintage drum enthusiasts.  It was designed as a drum colour chart to showcase the sparkle finishes available for Ludwig kits, resulting in this unique rainbow. A sales rep would travel with one drum around their territory of drum stores. So putting a whole kit together became a huge challenge, making the ‘Salesman Sparkle’ one of the more unique and sought after Ludwig kits amongst vintage drum collectors.

In 2013 Ludwig re-imagined and re-released the Salesman in a Limited Edition Artist Collaboration with Black Keys’ drummer Patrick Carney. The classic design and style of the original Salesman was combined with Classic Maple Shells and released in two configurations.  

Crafted in Ludwig’s USA factory in Monroe, North Carolina by highly skilled artisans, who are integral parts of the Ludwig legacy. There is obviously some machine component in the production of a drum kit. However the skill, experience and dedication of these craftsmen means that Ludwig USA drums are as close to handmade as you could hope for.

Ludwig USA Classic Maple Shells are produced from 7 plys of Cross-Laminated North American Maple. It’s known for high sensitivity, wide dynamic tuning range and sharp attack.  Each drum’s bearing edge is cut to a 45-degree angle within 1/16” from the outside edge. This sharp edge is hand-sanded to the craftsman’s touch to assure a smooth, even, flat surface for easy head seating; the final touch to complete the Ludwig sound.

To increase stability throughout the drum, all Ludwig USA shells are produced using Radio Frequency Shell Technology, a process involving Ludwig’s original bladder moulds. This is a unique bonding system combined with a specialised, time-tested adhesive, which cures each shell evenly over the entire surface of the shell. This process is a principal ingredient in creating the Ludwig sound in every shell.

Ludwig Salesman2

Salesman Probeat 

22”x14” Bass Drum, 13”x9” Mounted Tom, 16”x16” Floor Tom, 
18”x16” Floor Tom and 14”x6.5” Snare Drum. 

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