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The Pocket Kit by Questlove - Coming Soon!

Posted by on 31 May 2016


Questlove Pocketkit Blog Cover Image

The Pocket Kit: A New Collaboration between Ludwig drums and Questlove

The premier, all-inclusive kit for beginning 4-10 year old drummers is here! Watch as Questlove shares his passion for creating the product and explains everything included. Pre-order your kits today! 


Developed to meet the needs of a beginning 4-10 year old drummer. The Pocket Kit is a must have. ALL-INCLUSIVE package!

- 14 Hardware All In One Package
- Designed for 4-10 Year Old Drummers
- Affordable for Most Families
- Exclusive Set by Quest Love
- FREE * Introductory Lessons

Questlove Pocket Kit



What's in the box

All in one package

- 16" Bass Drum
- 10" Tom Tom
- 13" Floor Tom
- 12" Snare Drum
- Foot Pedal
- Hi Hat Stand
- Cymbal Arm
- Snare Stand
- Drum Throne
- Drum Sticks
- Drum Key
- Heads
- Hi Hats
- Crash/Ride Cymbal 


Free online lessons by QUESTLOVE

- How To Set The Drums (Parents Involvement)
- How To Tune The Drums (Parents Involvement)
- How To Hold The Drumsticks
- How To Play A Simple Drum Roll
- How To Use The Pedal
…and Many More. 

Available finishes

Choose from 3 different colours:

Wine Red Sparkle, Silver Sparkle and Black Sparkle

red wine sparklesilver sparkleblack sparkle


Coming Soon!