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Darren Mathiassen - Roland

Posted by on 1 December 2010

:: Roland TD9-KX ::

Darren Mathiassen

The Roland V-Drums TD-9KX drum kit is my daily workhorse and essential instrument in my studio. There’s a plethora of outstanding on-board sounds, and they’re all very malleable right from within the module, and translate awesomely through the live PA system. This kit is totally plug-and-play, yet still has power-user tactics. The large display and function keys are unbelievably quick and easy to use, and all the extra detail in assignability and functionality you’d expect is right in there.

Roland's mesh head dual-trigger pads have the most accurate feel and response. Their quality construction and hardware eliminate crosstalk while still enabling a huge dynamic range!

This is essential when I’m using the TD-9KX to trigger other instruments, samples, and sound banks! Another cool trick for live use is I’ll throw my favourite acoustic Sonor snare and Sabian cymbals into the mix, and the V-Drums will give the most consistent and beefiest live sound.

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:: Roland SPD-S ::
Roland SPD-S

Roland’s SPD-S Sampler pad is perfect for taking on the road, it’s compact, robust, and powerful. I can load up samples and loops that I’ve created in the studio and play them all in realtime on stage. With its extra trigger inputs, I can jack in a KD7 kick trigger and an FD8 hihat pedal for total kit-like control.

These are awesome triggers and super portable too. And an extra bonus with the FD8 hihat controller is there’s no messing about with hihat calibration.

The SPD-S also has a mic/line input to record audio grabs directly to the internal memory. You can also enhance any content with the onboard effects processor. It really is a killer piece of kit that ads dimension to the show.

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:: Roland SPD-20 ::
Roland SPD-20

The Roland SPD-20 multi-percussion pad by Roland is packed full of awesome sounds, over 700. Ranging from Roland’s classic 808 and 909 kits, to orchestral, tuned and world percussion, and sound effects. I use the 4x stereo trigger inputs to add a PDX-8 snare, KD-7 kick, FD-8 hihat pedal, and CY-5 hihat cymbal. This builds a great little fully functional basic kit for live use and studio. And like all great Roland gear, it is further expandable via its MIDI ports.